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Eco friendly holiday Portugal

Sustainable behavior is what you should do for yourself, your family and your friends. Every day but do not forget sustainability when you go on holiday to Portugal. Therefor choose for an accommodation at our eco friendly holiday park Casa Cantiga. For example one of our eco lodges like “Cabins o figo” or “Casinha Margarida” at our other holiday park Quinta do Carmo.

At Casa Cantiga eco holiday park we care and act every day to achieve the sustainability of our tourism business. So, if you choose to spend your holiday at Casa Cantiga, you don´t forget your sustainable behavior during your travel and stay in Portugal.

Some examples:

  • Complete sustainable power supply
    • We have 80 solar panels producing enough energy for our year consumption.
    • At peak moments we use additional green electricity, produced in Portugal
      Did you know that in Portugal already almost 70% of all electricity is produced from renewable sources (water, wind, sun).
  • Sustainable showering
    • We have solar water heaters with capacity of 600 liters to support the daily warm water provisioning towards the bathrooms.
  • Sustainable heating and maintenance of our swimming pools
    • We have a electrolysis systems that in combination with salt in the pool water produce natural chlorine instead of using industrial chlorine tablets.
    • Our pools are heated the whole year via 150 special “solar heat pipes”
    • We have covers above our pools outside the summer, this prevent unnecessary evaporation of water and less usage of chemical products to maintain the water
  • Sustainable wood & cork
    • Our glamping / eco holiday accommodations are made from wood from certified sustainable forests
    • Local produced cork floors in some of our accommodations.
  • Re-use of water for irrigation of the garden
    • We re-use the water from the showers to irrigate the garden.
  • Prevent plastic usage
    • We have a purified drinking water system which allows you to refill your bottles.
    • We enable you to separate your waste (paper, plastic, glass, other)
  • Sustainable cleaning
    • Our cleaning products are ecological
  • Less CO2 pollution from our cars
    • We are driving 2 electric cars and charging with them with our 80 solar panels
  • Compensate the CO2 footprint from your travel
    • We stimulate our guests to compensate the CO2 pollution caused by your flight or drive to Portugal as well as your local travels. Use the links to relevant companies at our travel tips page. We think this is a bit impersonal and therefor from 2019 we compensate together.
    • At the reservation form for your sustainable holiday Portugal, you can choose to add a financial amount to support compensation of your holiday CO2 footprint. Casa Cantiga will double this amount and from the total value we will plant trees in Portugal!
    • If you forgot it at your reservation, you can always take care during your visit. Please act!

Eco holiday Portugal, a good choice at Casa Cantiga. We care, you care!