These accommodations are suitable for the early 50s to the adventurous pensioners who like privacy and are a bit fitter. The terrain in this holiday park has some steeper parts to get to the accommodations!

Chalet Margardida

A comfortable holiday cottage on a small luxury Quinta. Nice beds, modern kitchen and the feeling and smell of wood. Breakfast in the sun, lunch on your terrace with a nice local wine and a splash in the pool. You can also spend your time here with friends or family in the other chalet or the safari tent. In that way it almost becomes a private Quinta! Dining together on the large common terrace with BBQ or playing a game of soccer on the soccer field… Welcome!

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Chalet Alfazema

Nestled between the hills, the Quinta is a good place to be. Rural but not isolated. The peace and quiet at the magnificent pool and this lovely wooden chalet, give you the time and energy you need to recharge for normal life. Or how about a romantic getaway for two, family time together or just getting away from it all! Discover the orchard, the vegetable garden and the animals. Discover the beautiful surroundings and amazing beaches. Take your time!

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Glamping Tenda Bambu

Glamping, simply living outside. A lot more luxury than in a regular tent. With comfortable beds, beautiful garden furniture, private BBQ, complete kitchenette in the tent and also a large private kitchen and bathroom in a separate building. Outdoor living amongst bamboo and orchard, close to the pool and playground. Glamping is to be fully experienced!

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