If you like peace and quiet, this accommodation is a must. Or just a romantic break….. Enjoy one of the holiday accommodations of Casa Cantiga holiday accommodations Portugal

Beach apartment SolMar

The beach apartment is named "SolMar" or "Sun and Sea" and is located at the Silver Coast of Portugal. This is the place to visit to enjoy the beach life and the amazing roof terrace with BBQ, where you can sunbathe in full privacy, enjoy the view and watch the sun set into the ocean! The apartment is in a small village with a beautiful large beach, good (fish) restaurants and a boulevard with mini mercado. For evening entertainment you can go to Nazaré, also famous for the biggest waves in the world.

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Casa Cançoneta

Having Casa Cançoneta, the sustainable and child-friendly holiday resort has a beautiful detached accommodation. A cozy terrace with BBQ and dining table, a wood burner for the chillier evenings, in front of the house chairs to enjoy a drink in the sun. Just relax! An ideal place to create unforgettable memories with all the insider tips that are available for you.

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Glamping Tendas Toca

This quirky design makes glamping an adventure. Two individual “tent” houses with modern facilities make up one holiday accommodation and provides privacy for your family or among you and your friends. From your large, shaded terrace you overlook the playground and pool. You can prepare your meals at the outdoor kitchen and relax in the hammock. You are not surrounded by neighbors, but you can enjoy everything that this cozy, small, child-friendly, and sustainable holiday resort has to offer. Also not far, you find the most beautiful sandy beaches and lovely villages worth a visit.

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Glamping cabanas o Medronho

Surrounded by beautiful trees, you are lazy in your hammock. The birds are singing, and the sun is shining. The little ones play in their own cabana, while dad is out cycling. Will you already take the kids to the pools, sunbathe and chat with the other guests or just remain lazy for a while? You never thought that Glamping is so relaxed. It's fantastic here, great place to come back to, next year, with friends!

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Glamping de rode Ford

Are you going on a trip? Yes, that's how it feels to stay in this red vintage Ford from 1972. A very special glamping experience with plenty of privacy, in the middle of nature. You can relax, become closer to each other, and don't need to leave the grounds due to all the indoor and outdoor play, sports and relax facilities at this small, sustainable and child-friendly holiday park. Soon we will just light up the BBQ again.

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Casinha Canção

This centrally located apartment in the main house is a great place for your family holiday. The kids play somewhere on the grounds, grandparents have their own accommodation. Breakfast in the sun and then off to the beach. Oh dear, the kids want to stay at the park, so much to do! Then let's lie by the pool with a book and enjoy, perhaps a bit too early, a glass of local wine.

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Casinha Canto

Imagine yourself in your own forest while you are sitting on the large terrace of Casinha Canto, one of the three holiday apartments in the main house of Casa Cantiga. You have slept in well and when you walk your morning round to get fresh bread you see that the kids are sitting in the playground watching the family guinea pigs, with a fresh egg in their hands. They went out early to see if the chickens already had laid eggs. Yummy! Yesterday evening you have already studied the tips of the day. Later, you will go to a beautiful beach where the children can play in warmer seawater pools. It promises to be a beautiful day again!

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Casa da Joana

This beautiful classic villa surprises many of its guests. The spaciousness, the atmosphere, the private pool and the location at the Quinta, nothing stops you from enjoying this place with the two of you, the whole family or with friends. You stroll to the mini mercado for fresh bread and take the time for a coffee with the locals. Then discover the beautiful surroundings, have a drink on a terrace, visit a sandy beach or absorb some culture. Or do you prefer to relax in or around at the private pool?

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Chalet Margardida

A comfortable holiday cottage on a small luxury Quinta. Nice beds, modern kitchen and the feeling and smell of wood. Breakfast in the sun, lunch on your terrace with a nice local wine and a splash in the pool. You can also spend your time here with friends or family in the other chalet or the safari tent. In that way it almost becomes a private Quinta! Dining together on the large common terrace with BBQ or playing a game of soccer on the soccer field… Welcome!

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Chalet Alfazema

Nestled between the hills, the Quinta is a good place to be. Rural but not isolated. The peace and quiet at the magnificent pool and this lovely wooden chalet, give you the time and energy you need to recharge for normal life. Or how about a romantic getaway for two, family time together or just getting away from it all! Discover the orchard, the vegetable garden and the animals. Discover the beautiful surroundings and amazing beaches. Take your time!

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