Glamping cabanas o Figo

Come enjoy outdoor living in this lovely wooden glamping accommodation with the luxury of a tiny house. Consisting of 2 cabanas and with plenty of privacy and your own fig tree. Sun and shade provide for a lovely setting from early morning to late afternoon. The evening with starlit sky is fantastic. The kids enjoy playing in the play forest or pamper the goats while daddy lights the big BBQ. A perfect moment for Mom, all to herself. Smile!

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Glamping cabanas o Medronho

Surrounded by beautiful trees, you are lazy in your hammock. The birds are singing, and the sun is shining. The little ones play in their own cabana, while dad is out cycling. Will you already take the kids to the pools, sunbathe and chat with the other guests or just remain lazy for a while? You never thought that Glamping is so relaxed. It's fantastic here, great place to come back to, next year, with friends!

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Glamping de rode Ford

Are you going on a trip? Yes, that's how it feels to stay in this red vintage Ford from 1972. A very special glamping experience with plenty of privacy, in the middle of nature. You can relax, become closer to each other, and don't need to leave the grounds due to all the indoor and outdoor play, sports and relax facilities at this small, sustainable and child-friendly holiday park. Soon we will just light up the BBQ again.

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