Casa Cançoneta

Having Casa Cançoneta, the sustainable and child-friendly holiday resort has a beautiful detached accommodation. A cozy terrace with BBQ and dining table, a wood burner for the chillier evenings, in front of the house chairs to enjoy a drink in the sun. Just relax! An ideal place to create unforgettable memories with all the insider tips that are available for you.

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Casa da Tapada

Casa da Tapada is a large, detached holiday home with extra studio, for example for the grandparents or your best friends. It´s a typical Portuguese house with many beautiful tiles and is equipped with all comforts and large woodburner. In your own garden you can enjoy in complete privacy, with sunbeds for sunbathing, a covered terrace and large BBQ. If you step around the corner, you can enjoy the company of the other guests at our small and child friendly resort.

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Casa no Pomar

At the "house in the orchard" you can enjoy sitting on your terrace while looking at the fruit trees. The sun warms you on the sunbed, the BBQ smells good. Plenty of privacy and the kids are playing at the holiday resort. Will they leave you be for a while......or are they already taking their summer friends back to this comfortable detached house with a sustainable cork floor?

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Glamping Tendas Toca

This quirky design makes glamping an adventure. Two individual “tent” houses with modern facilities make up one holiday accommodation and provides privacy for your family or among you and your friends. From your large, shaded terrace you overlook the playground and pool. You can prepare your meals at the outdoor kitchen and relax in the hammock. You are not surrounded by neighbors, but you can enjoy everything that this cozy, small, child-friendly, and sustainable holiday resort has to offer. Also not far, you find the most beautiful sandy beaches and lovely villages worth a visit.

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Casinha Canção

This centrally located apartment in the main house is a great place for your family holiday. The kids play somewhere on the grounds, grandparents have their own accommodation. Breakfast in the sun and then off to the beach. Oh dear, the kids want to stay at the park, so much to do! Then let's lie by the pool with a book and enjoy, perhaps a bit too early, a glass of local wine.

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Casinha Canto

Imagine yourself in your own forest while you are sitting on the large terrace of Casinha Canto, one of the three holiday apartments in the main house of Casa Cantiga. You have slept in well and when you walk your morning round to get fresh bread you see that the kids are sitting in the playground watching the family guinea pigs, with a fresh egg in their hands. They went out early to see if the chickens already had laid eggs. Yummy! Yesterday evening you have already studied the tips of the day. Later, you will go to a beautiful beach where the children can play in warmer seawater pools. It promises to be a beautiful day again!

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