Beach holiday Portugal at Casa Cantiga !

You are at the right place for your beach holiday Portugal, directly at the Costa de Pratathe “Silver coast” in the region Estremadura, mid Portugal. This is the stunning coast line between Lisbon and Coimbra, full with beautiful sand beaches, cliffs, rocks, dunes and pine tree forest, the biggest of Europe. At many place you just follow the “strada atlantica” and you will pass by many beaches to enjoy your finest beach holiday Portugal.

Sandy beaches !

Many of the beaches and coast towns deserve a specific reference. In fact there are too many to mention. That´s why we only describe some of the larger beaches. In the information folder of Casa Cantiga you will find also the smaller special ones for your beach holiday Portugal.

Paredes da Vitoria

A small village at the end a of valley, directly at the sea. A splendid beach where a small river fills the waterholes at the beach. You have a marvellous view to the sfinx, a stunning rock reaching into the sea. At the beach you will find also our beach apartment SolMar!

São Pedro de Moel

A nice and a bit classic seaside resort with a beautiful beaches between the rocks and cliffs. The beaches are connected via trails with stunning views. Also a surfers paradise. From beach apartment SolMar, you can easily reach it by bike!


A typical small fishing village with a long boulevard full with shops and a wide beach with mostly huges waves. You have a lovely view towards Sitio, a small uppertown on the outcrop in the sea. The north beach is famous for its body board championships and in the winter months the  extreme surfing on the highest waves of the world (28 metres). Look for for big waves Nazaré and be surprised! Or take a look at our selection of big waves Nazare.
Nazaré, here still the older ladies are dressed in traditional costumes and you can enjoy the many fresh fish dishes. None of our guests are skipping this beach during their beach holiday Portugal!

São Martinho do Porto

A smaller fishermen’s village that already turned into a nice seaside resort full with nice bars and terraces. Grown along a huge bay, you will get a lot of beach with calm sea because the bay only has a small opening with the atlantic ocean. A perfect place to play and swim safely in the sea, exercise stand up paddle, canoe, waterski, etc. You can walk far into the water! At the south side of the bay a small river enters the bay with nice warmer water and you have a huge dune to climb and run and roll down! Big fun!

Foz do Arelho

At the  seaside of the Lagoa de Obidos, a huge lagoon, you will find Foz do Arelho.  You can sit at the beach between the big waves of the Atlantic ocean and the calm water of the lagoon.  A very special feeling. The Lagoa do Obidos attracts lot of active water sport lovers, fishing addicts as well as families with smaller kids. And also a lot of kite survers who can enjoy the big waves on one side of the beach and the lagoon on the other side.


Surfers paradise. Dunes and beaches with waves specifically well for surfing. At the beach “supertubes” the world championship surfing takes place. The beach Baleal is our favorite. Peniche reaches far into the sea with the powerful waves hammering the rocks. During your beach holiday Portugal, you can also take the boat to the Berlinga Islands where you will experience almost tropical beaches.

The distance to the beaches

If you want to enjoy the beaches during your beach holiday Portugal, you want to know the distances to the beaches. We give you an impression.

From Casa Cantiga resort with the holiday cottages, holiday apartments and holiday houses; Casa PalmeiraCasinho CantoCasinho Cançoneta, camping pods Tendas TocaCasa no PomarCasinha Cançao and Casa da Tapada.

Sao Pedro do Moel – 40 km  / 40 minutes
Nazaré – 15 km  / 20 minutes
Sao Martinho do Porto – 25 km / 30 minutes
Peniche – 50 km / 40  minutes

From holiday villa Casa da Joana

Sao Pedro do Moel – 40 km  / 40 minutes
Nazaré – 10 km  / 15 minutes
Sao Martinho do Porto – 20 km / 25 minutes
Peniche – 45 km / 35  minutes

From beach apartment SolMar, directly at the beach.

Sao Pedro do Moel – 5 km  / 8 minutes
Paredes da vitoria – 0 km / 0 minutes
Nazaré – 10 km  / 10 minutes
Sao Martinho do Porto – 25 km / 25 minutes
Peniche – 55 km / 60 minutes