Smaller, Safer…

Welcome in our small holiday parks. All our accommodations have lots of private space inside and outside. Our common spaces are mainly outside, in nature and fresh air.

Less people, more security….

At “Casa Cantiga – Family holiday Eco Resort” we have max 50 persons on 10.000 m2. At “Rural Escape @ Friends” max 28 people in 7000 m2.
This means more than 200 m2 per person, social distance doesn´t need not be an issue also when taking each other into account.

We still pragmatically follow the DGS “Clean & Safe” guidelines:

Travel to Portugal

Update 22 April 2022:

  • Everyone is 100% welcome again, no PLF required, but still Vaccination/Test Certificate for travel.
  • Advice and status from Dutch government on travelling to portugal can be found at here.
    For other countries check the goverment information of your country.
  • Advice and status from Portuguese government on travel from abroad to Portugal can be found here
  • For any uncertainty about the future …… use our Corona cancellation policy

The “adapted life” in Portugal:

Main measures at present:

  • Mouth/nose caps compulsory in public transport, doctor/hospital.
  • Keep your distance, wash your hands and be careful when coughing are basic rules

Details can be read on the page of Portugal Turism