Smaller, Safer…

Welcome in our small holiday parks. All our accommodations have lots of private space inside and outside. Our common spaces are mainly outside, in nature and fresh air.

Less people, more security….

At “Casa Cantiga – Family holiday Eco Resort” we have max 50 persons on 10.000 m2. At “Rural Escape @ Friends” max 28 people in 7000 m2.
This means more than 200 m2 per person, social distance doesn´t need not be an issue also when taking each other into account.

We pragmatically follow the DGS “Clean & Safe” guidelines:

  • We welcome our guests outside, in the fresh air
  • We will maintain a social distance, around 1.5- 2m in common spaces (indoors and outdoors).
  • We enter the accommodation only when necessary and with a mask. According to preference, and prior indication of the guests, we are available to not enter the accommodation spaces.
  • We stimulae hand washing using the alcohol gel dispensers distributed throughout the common areas (and please wash your hands more often)
  • We ensure regular hygiene cleaning in common areas where there are more contact objects.
  • We clean the accommodation with extra attention and ventilation
  • When guests don´t take into account the social distance rules in the common areas, we may limit the numbers of guests for access to our common areas or require the use of masks. So far our guests are taking each other into account and it has not been necessary.