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Holiday Estremadura, welcome!

This region offers the best of Portugal for your holiday Estremadura. Experience the Portuguese culture, nature and beaches during your holiday at the Silver coast. Casa Cantiga is situated close the Alcobaça, near the famous beach town Nazaré.

If you choose for adventure, search for authentic traditions and you open yourselves for other cultures, you will experience the art of real discovery.

Discover and be surprised!

There is a lot to discover and experienced for kids and adults in the surrounding of the holiday resort Casa Cantiga, the holiday vila Casa da Joana and beach apartment SolMar. A beautiful mix between culture and beach. A perfect place for your Portuguese holiday Estremadura!

Casa Cantiga holiday Estremadura child friendly B&B
Casa Cantiga holiday Estremadura small and child friendly B&B
child friendly B&B holiday resort Casa Cantiga for holiday Estremadura

Within 1 hour drive…

In the North you find Coimbra (90 km), in the South a.o. Lisbon and Sintra (100 km), in the East Fatima and Tomar (60 km) and in the West Obidos (40 km) and Nazaré (15 km) directly at the  Atlantic ocean.

In between you have an amazing area with diversity in nature, old culture, sportive challenges, all in a lovely climate. Read the information folders in the hammock between the olive trees or next to the swimming pool. Prepare your activities with help of many travel guides, maps and local information collected specifically for you!

Alcobaça – The cultural centre of the Estremadura

Alcobaça is the municipality to which our holiday cottages, villa and beach apartment are belonging. The historical centre of Alcobaça has a largest monastery of Portugal, elected to one of the 7 Portuguese cultural wonders. Alcobaça  is small town but has the services for a large community. Nice shops, fresh markets, various big supermarkets, hospital, theatre and many nice terraces and bars.

Alcobaça is synonym to “Terra de Paixão”, the land of passion, a love story like Romeo and Julia. Discover here the love story of king Don Pedro I and Dona Inês de Castro. Write your love letter and seal your message in one of the safe boxes in the “garden of love”, the “Jardim do Amor”.

Take a look to these marvellous video mapping of the history of the Monestry of Alcobaça on the wall of the Monestry.

Monestry Alcobaca – video mapping – short version
Monestry Alcobaca video mapping – Long version (16 minutes)

The Silver coast or Costa de Prata

Our holiday accommodations are situated in the Costa da Prata, the Silver coast. It belongs to the holiday Estremadura region. This is the coast between Lisbon and Coimbra. Half way you can enjoy your holiday near Nazaré,  10 km north you have our beach apartment SolMar directly at the sea.

Just 15 km inland and close to Alcobaça, you find our holiday villa Casa da Joana and holiday resort Casa Cantiga with amongst other holiday house Casa da Palmeira and camping pods Tendas Toca, .

From historic cultural perspective the region Estremadura is the most wealthy region of Portugal. For a short impression, read below about the famous towns or look at the bottom of this page for less known pearls.


Built around the monumental monastry Santa Maria klooster from 1178, Unesco World heritage. In the church you find the tombs of king Pedro and his love Dona Ines de Castro, the love story of Portugal. A city full with nice pastries, coffee bars and nice alleys with shops and restaurants.


Famous for it batalha, the battlefield for independence of  Portugal from Spain where the Portuguese minority army conquered a huge Spanish army. The monastery  of the Dominicans was built for this victory. Although it is still not completely finished. A nice Portuguese tourist town, everybody knows the Batalha from their history books!

Caldas da Rainha

An old royal spa with various monumental building and churches. A large district capitol city, full of live. Nice to shop!


The famous university city, the 4th biggest city of Portugal is situated beautifully at the river Mondego. The centre is hilly and vibrant. Worth visiting are amongst others the monastery of  Santa Cruz, the National museum Machado de Castro and the Bibliotheca Velha. Walking through the city you feel the traditions of the students.


A huge pilgrimage place, also called the altar of the world. In 1917 mother Maria appeared in front of 3 shepherd children, at the 13th of May and 13th of October. The processions attract hundred thousands of pilgrims to Fatima. The pope will visit Fatima in 2016 again.
An amazing interesting place where religion and commerce are both showing off.


In this place it looks like time stopped. The village is surrounded by a 13 metres high wall and is a monumental museum on it selves. The whole year you have various festivals and the highlight is the medieval festival in summer or chocolate festival in spring.


Regional capitol and large city with one of the best castles of Portugal and is part of the symbols of the coat of arms. Cosy and nice centre and a modern shopping mall offer the best of boths worlds.


The fascinating capitol of Portugal situated at the river Tagus. A beautiful city combing old and modern cultures, architecture and traditions. Full of tourists because selected as one of the best city trips in Europe. To much to write about. Just discover!


Another cultural miracle. With a palace that had to be bigger as the Buckingham Palace in Londen! Constructed in the 18de century, it is a huge religious monument of Portugal. It contains the royal apartments, a beautiful library, a bell tower with flemish clocks, 6 beautiful restored church organs, a huge basalica and museums.


A real fishermen´s village with traditional folk costumes. The largest bath resort of our region with huge beaches and a stunning rock going  into the sea which you can visit by foot or via an elevator. Nice tourist boulevard, vivid town all year long.  Amazing views and Nazaré gets more and more world fame for the highest waves of the world at praia do norte.  Extreme sport surfers come here to surf 28 metres high waves.


A large peninsula with an important fishermen´s port. Nice to look to the boats and fish market. From the harbour the boats are leaving to visit the Ilhas Berlengas, small islands with beautiful caves, rocks, fauna and beaches.
North and South of Peniche you have famous surf beaches. Here the world championship surf take place.


Built upon a hill next to the river Tejo. A large, nice and vivid town full of history. You stumble over the many churches.


A charming and beautiful village containing many palaces of royal allure. Amazing buildings and gardens with tropical plants give you the feeling to be in another time an place.

Casa Cantiga, your perfect spot for beach and cultural holiday Estremadura!

Or less known…

This are some of the less know places, but really worth visiting. For example the salt pans in Rio Maior or the caves in Mira de Aire, the biggest in Portugal. The real Portuguese markets where hardly find tourists and of course football and football.

All this information and many more you can find in the information folder at your holiday cottages, holiday villa or camping pod. Enjoy your holiday Estremadura!