Celiac disease makes holiday though, but….

Come and enjoy your gluten free holiday Portugal in one of our child friendly holiday houses and apartments of Casa Cantiga, Casa da Joana or beach apartment SolMar.

Also with celiac disease, you deserve to enjoy a safe holiday. At Casa Cantiga, we take care!

Casa Cantiga child friendly and gluten free holiday Portugal
Casa Cantiga child friendly and gluten free holiday Portugal
Casa Cantiga child friendly and gluten free holiday Portugal

Gluten free holiday Portugal, experience at Casa Cantiga!

After receiving, not intentionally, our first “gluten free” guests, we got informed about celiac disease and their difficulties during a holiday in a foreign country. Based upon their input, we studied a bit more to find ways how we can assure that adults and children with celiac disease can enjoy a gluten free holiday Portugal.

In the mean time many guests with celiac disease have experienced and enjoyed our special pizza evening, the extra clean kitchen, the possibility to bake their own bread and the availability of gluten free products in shops in the neighbourhood.

We offer a “gluten free box” with kitchen equipment not used in normal situations. Also we clean the kitchen with extra attention and all tableware gets an extra individual dish washing.

Various of our holiday Portugal accommodations have an oven in which you can bake your bread or pizza.; Casa Palmeira, Casa da Tapada, Casinha Cançao, Casa da Joana and beach apartment SolMar.

At our common pizza evenings, we take into account you diet. Frequently one or more guests, adults and kids with celiac disease join this nice evening and enjoy like it should be.

We have various shops in the neighbourhood where you can buy gluten free products, amongst others from the brand Schar. Products like semi baked bread, cookies, pizza base, crackers, cornflakes, white bread, bread sticks, etc.

If you wish you can also pre sent a box with your own gluten free products to our casa.

Gluten free and restaurants…

To eat something in a restaurant or on a terrace remains more difficult. The familiarity of gluten free in our restaurants is increasing but it is absolutely required to question well. We even provide you information in Portuguese language which will help you. Fortunately the Portuguese kitchen is very basic; for example a lot of fresh fish with boiled potatoes, salad with delicious tomatoes.

More information

Also take a look at the Portuguese website of the celiac disease with information in the English language for tourists visiting Portugal. Casa Cantiga is your safe place for gluten free holiday Portugal!