Availability and reservations

Thank you for your interest in our holiday accommodation Casinha Canção. You can search for availability in the calendar below. After that you can directly make a reservation of contact us with your questions or to discuss opportunities.

In case the accommodation is not available the whole period, perhaps an idea to combine it with another accommodation. In that case you have to do a reservation request per accommodation.

The price definition is based upon the requested period and the base price (up to 5 persons). The price can be adjusted in case your travel alone or are with 2 persons, besides the mandatory cleaning of the accommodation should be selected. Outside the high season, you will get automatically 10% discount when you stay 7 night or more.

In case you run into problems or question, please contact us and we look forward to help you.

Check also for availability:

@ Casa Cantiga holiday resort
Casa no Pomar (5p),
Casa da Tapada (tot 10p)
Casa Cançoneta
Casa Palmeira (6p)
Casinha Canto (5p)
Tendas Toca (6p)
De rode Ford camper (4p)
Cabins o Figo (5p)
Cabins o Medronho  (5p)
@ the beach:
Beach apartment SolMar (5p)
@  Quinta do Carmo:
Casa da Joana (tot 8p)
Casinha Margarida (5p)
Casinha Alfazema (5p)
Tenda Bambu (6p)

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