Kia Soul EV experience 2

The first experience with our Kia Soul EV

27 August 2016: Silent, silent and a small beep when you drive slowly to warn people in the neighbourhood. What a comfort. Our car is parked in a parking garage and here you hear the difference. No loud noise echo of cold diesel engines and no smell! What a nice experience.

Fun & looks

Driving a new car is alway fun but this one provide a whole new aspect. The information on the battery and usage. The dashboard is nice and provides correct information on how many kilometers you still can drive. In the middle you also can see if the battery if charging is using. Nice toy but after a while you switch is to a more quite option for your eyes.

childfriendly holiday accommodation Portugal goes electric vehicle

The looks of the car are great. The caribian blue with white roof attacks the looks of people on the street and you see their question mark on their face….why don´t I hear the car.  You smile and want to put 100% electric with big letters to show off because the eco electric signs are small Perhaps an idea for the future….. As well as a the Casa Cantiga holiday accommodations Portugal logo!

Kia Soul EV experience 2 – battery life

The average fuel usage is not a topic you directly understand after many years driving xx km per liter. In general with the electric vehicles, people talk about how many kilometers untill the battery is empty.

Formally the distance you can drive on a full battery is just above 200 km. In the first month the full battery predicts 160-170 km. Why we have this difference is still a question and action for my to discover.

The fuel usage given by the board computer is approx 16 Kwh per 100 km.

The real usage after the first weeks: 256 Kwh for 1541 km = 16,61 KwH per 100 km

The Kwh price in Portugal is approx. 0,20 €, so for approx. 3,5 € we drove 100 km.




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