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First quick charge Kia Soul EV experience 3

27 august 2016: The first weeks we charged our EV simply in the normal household power socket of 220V. If this is the best way ??? It takes approx 10- 14 hours to fully charge. I already installed a seperate fat wire from the fusebox to the parking place, to perhaps make a stronger powersupply possible. In another blog I will give you my thoughts about this.


We wanted to go to the Algarve for a few days. From Alcobaca it takes some 350 km to Portimão. So how to do this because we heared on the Portugese news that quick charge stations were just realised from Lisbon to the Algarve.

Firstly we requested a card to use at the public charging points via . The card arrived 1 day before our trip, so we couldn´t try it before. Then I planned my trip using various apps showing the charge stations, like Next Charge and Plugshare.

holiday accommodations portugal casa cantiga first quick charge kia soul ev

Unfortunately these weren´t up to date yet with the quick chargers to the Algarve. The mobie website showed them and I calculated and planned my trip with 3 charging points. Unfortunately I did not look detailed enough. The 2nd one was in the South to North direction, so opposite from where we planned. We had 32 km left over in the battery and had to travel 30 km to get to the other side…. exciting time, ahum. Happily we reached it and were able to charge up to 94%. It took another 45 km to get back to the North South direction because turning is not easy on the highways in the Alentejo.

Quick charge experience

The quick charge allows you to fill up your battery within 30 minutes up to 80%. You can start again to fill up to 94% which is helpfull. It takes another 10 minutes.  If you are in a hurry it always takes too long, but we took our time for a drink, a snack and some reading. Very relaxed!

For the time being is using the public charge stations for free. So our trip took about an hour extra and only costed the road toll.

Highway experience

We did not try the highway before with our Kia Soul EV. Because on our way to the Algarve we were not sure if the charge stations would really exist, we drove slowly (100 km per hour). This was our saving for our mistake mentioned above. On the way back you have enough battery to speed up to 120-140 km per hour. The car remains very comfortable!

Charging in the Algarve

One of my apps showed a charging station in the center of Portimão. Unfortunately I did not find it. Happily I was able to recharge in our holiday accommodation. The normal 220V connection is a slow but perfect support of Kia.

childfriendly holiday accommodations portugal casa cantiga goes electric to algarve
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