Kia Soul EV experience 5

The first 5000 km experience with our electric car

Overall feeling

Our feeling is still “WOW, what a nice car”. The looks are still great, the color is perfect and the driving is full of joy.  Already quickly you forget you once drove a “normal” car that makes so much noise and pollution.

Some publicity

The car attracks a lot of attention. People perhaps have heard about it but many see an electric car for the first time. They ask about our experience and especially smile. A good reason to add some publicity at our car!


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Charging experiences

Home charging

We drive a lot in and around Alcobaça. We charge mostly at home in our parking garage. Connecting the power cable to car is so easy and quick that it became a habbit without noticing. Certainly I do not miss our regular visits to the gas stations with our previous car.

We used the power charger that Kia provided in a normal 220 V socket. Charging took up to 14 hours and if you don´t need the car e.g. at night it isn´t a problem. Although Kia advises to use a faster charger as “normal”.  If it is really better or not, nobody can tell me but anyway I have bought a faster charger. A mobile wall box up to 32 A with an industrial socket. Mobile so I can also take to other places. The people of lugenergy were able to explain me clearly what I should change to my existing powersupply and I now get 25 A in the socket. This means home charging takes now up to 5 hours.

Charging network

I tried various apps to see where the charging stations are and more important if they are available or working. Already various times I noticed that charging stations are not working, frustrating!  So far the Electromaps seems the most updated. A lot of users make comments on the status of the chargers which is really helpfull. Our most used charging stations are at the GALP on the highway A1 to Lisbon (quick charge) and IKEA Loures and Alfrigide (semi-fast charge like I now have at home).  So far charging is still for free when using your Mobi.e card. For developments and news we discovered the site of electric car users UVE.


Kwh Consumption

Previously I already informed you on the fuel consumption of the Kia Soul EV.  Since every charge is registered, it should be possible to provide you an exact overview of the usage in the first 5500 km. Unfortunately I miss my outdoor charging data from the months of october. I already “complained” at Mobi.e but did not receive yet an answer.

If I look to the consumption meter per trip in my electric car, the kwh consumption per 100 km is between 13 and 17 kwh. This means max 17 kKwh x 0,20 € = 3,40 € per 100 km. Not bad at all!


The experience is that the range on a full battery is between 150 and 200 km. We are not driving super economic and it is very hilly. If you stick to max 100 km/h, the range of 150 km  is assured. If you drive faster it is getting less fast, if you drive 60-80 km/h it might reach 200 km but who drives all the time this slow (perhaps unless you only drive in town).

Co2 reductions

One of the reasons to drive electric is the lower CO2 pollution. Recently i read an article of a Dutch study that prooved that electric cars really benefit the CO2 levels from 20.000 km driving compared to normal fuel cars. The production of the EV is more polluting but this is compensated with driving. So we still need 15000 km to really start being sustainable. We keep you updated!!

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  1. Paul van Kessel 20 November 2016 at 21:31 - Reply

    Ola, Your blogs are stimulating for future users. They can learn from your experiances, espacially for the charging points.
    I am a little disappointed that the sustainable point will be reached at 20.000 km. That’s another nine months waiting.
    (however there are very beautiful things on wich you have to wait for nine months!)

  2. Emile 21 November 2016 at 09:34 - Reply

    Hi Maurice,
    Nice blog to follow!
    Have fun driving the Soul
    BR, Emile

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