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Kia Soul EV experience 1

Casa Cantiga starts driving electric!

3rd of August 2016. We are starting our Kia Soul EV experience. In this blog we want to update you with our experiences, hoping to stimulate everybody to start driving electric!

Kia Soul EV experience Casa Cantiga
Kia Soul EV experience door kindvriendelijk vakantie accomodaties portugal Casa Cantiga
Kia Soul EV experience Casa Cantiga holiday accommodations

Kia Soul EV experience in Caribian blue

After many years driving cars with LPG we decided to move to an electric car. Our choice is made for the affordable and very nice looking Kia Soul EV. We have been waiting quite a while before it came to the Portugese market. The model was shown for a long time on the website of KIA but  just early summer of 2016 it got a price. We already liked the normal Kia Soul model but did not like to buy a diesel engine (gasoleo). So we had to wait!


Sustainability is not only for big companies. But also for us; normal persons running a small business.  Years ago we already decided to install 36 solar panels to make the powersupply for our holiday accommodations fully “green”. As next step to contribute to sustainability, we will start our Kia Soul EV experience!

The start of our EV experience

On the 3rd of August 2016 the car is deliverd to us in Alcobaça. The  car dealer drove the car from Lisbon, 120 km and batery level 21% ……. but shiny and new!! How will be our future experiences??

Money, Money,

The best offer price for the Kia Soul EV was just above 30.000 €. The Portugese government stimulates the purchase of electic vehicles. Therefore in case you buy it on your company you can deduct the VAT of 23%, so the net price is approx. 25.000 €. As well as you don´t pay the the yearly road tax and some other small benefits. All nice but you do not buy it just for these benefits, you buy it because you want to make a difference!

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  1. Paul van Kessel 20 November 2016 at 14:32 - Reply

    That’s just the way it should be! Start the tribute of increasing co2 by small steps. When we all do so, our kids may live in a better world. Congrats for Casa Cantiga!

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