If the children enjoy….

A child friendly holiday Portugal starts at Casa Cantiga. Casa Cantiga and kids, it is the perfect combination for your family holiday. We are mentioned in various “kids proof travel guides” and check our guestbook!

Portugal is a child friendly country. The Portuguese love kids and you will notice this. There is no place where you can take so easily your kids to a restaurant, at any time of the day or evening.

Playing games, games to play, we live and breath games! We have an enormous  number of indoor and outdoor games and space to play, run and to fool around.


Child friendly holiday Portugal

Take a look to the photos above, the faces of the children are full of joy. The holiday areas of Casa Cantiga and Casa da Joana are fully fenced, so the children are never too far away and you can relax.

From here, reading for just below 18 years;-)

There are many bigger and smaller activities for the kids.
For the smallest kids we have an inflatable baby swimming pool which mam and dad can fill  with warm water. You then can play next to the other kids in the pool.

For the other we start with nice water canal game which allows you to play for hours with boats, floodgates, etc. The swimming pool has many water games to dive, to float, to jump, to make water bombs, to have races, to splash and to swim of course.

Between the olive trees we made a nice outdoor play garden. You can jump at the trampoline, swing , climb the tree house, play in the sandpit, play petanque or hide and seek. Discover the  games box  with rackets, balls, etc.

We have various animals to hug and play;  Melly, the dog – best friend of all, Cleo(patra) the cat – champion catching salamandars, Poesie Woesie -the hug cat, Family rabit – they like you to feed them a carrot, the guinea pigs – squeking of hapiness and our chickens, Suuz and babbetje, Piripiri and Kip – they offer you to search their fresh eggs

A large indoor play area is the other place to have fun. Here you can play with your new holiday kid friends, ping pong or other table games. You can read the comics, listen to music,

We have various bikes available at Casa Cantiga and beach apartment SolMar, even with children´s seat for the back, a pull bar to connect with the parent bike. Relax while your dad kick the pedals. Also we have a cool pull wagon to ride on the beach and a buggy  where you can relax during the hiking of your parents.

In the surrounding

Most of the kids do not like to leave our holiday resort because they prefer to play with the other kids. But there are also various nice water fun parks in the neighbourhood like: Norpark just north of Nazaré directly at the sea.

This is what you have to ask to your parents. First a visit to Mira de Aire. Here you find the largest and most beautiful caves of Portugal. You go down 680 steps and happily go up by elevator. Then the rest of the afternoon at the swimming pool of Parque Aquatico. Big fun!

The beaches are cool and fun.You have beaches with big waves where you can body board or take a few surf lessons with your brothers, sisters and even your parents. At other beaches the water is more calm, time to Sub, swim or enjoy the inflatables.
We have beaches and sand enough for millions of sand castles, lagoon at the beaches with low water where you can play without your swimming certificate.

Other ideas are a visit to the dinosaurs tracks, a cool hiking trip in the mountains with the other kids or to go cart at a racetrack nearby.

Hope to see you soon!

So holiday, child friendly and in Portugal, visit Casa Cantiga!