The most child friendly holiday park Portugal - Casa Cantiga!

Already more than 10 years!

Casa Cantiga, the most child friendly holiday park in Portugal, is with and without kids a perfect holiday destination.

Child friendliness, coziness and privacy for every age.

Every accommodation at the holiday resort has a nice private terrace / garden where you can enjoy on your own, as couple or as family.
The holiday resort has a small scale set up but with large private spaces and child friendly accommodations. Just do your own thing or socialize at the various common relax, sport or play areas. Read a book or do a nap in one of the hammocks in the large garden. Enjoy!

casa cantiga vakantie park kindvriendelijk zwembaden
casa cantiga vakantie park kindvriendelijk gemeenschappelijk terras3

Nothing is the same at the most child friendly holiday park Portugal

The most child friendly holiday park Portugal has 10 holiday accommodations. All different, all child friendly, thought about everything and with privacy for your own daily family business.

The accommodations are situated at the holiday resort in mid Portugal. They are distributed over the plot of approx. 10.000 m2:

most child friendly holiday park portugal

Shared facilities

In between the holiday accommodations, we have the shared facilities as:

  • 2 swimming pools with large terraces and sunbeds in the sun and shade
  • a large indoor sports / play area to play football, soft tennis, badminton, table tennis, play boat, etc.
  • mini golf
  • an outdoor play garden with  trampoline, sandpits, etc.
  • Nice shaded lounge terraces for a drink and a bite
  • animals like goats, guinea pigs, chickens, cats and our small dog Mellie
  • A huge garden and parts more like a forest with special places to sit, play and hide

The resort is fully surrounded by a fence. The most child friendly holiday park Portugal enables your quality time with your family, be together, experience together! Besides it offers also sufficient indoor and outdoor privacy if you like to be more on your own.

Swimming pool…no, we have swimming pools!

No holiday without a nice swimming pool, that is our vision!

No stiff bath superintendents at Casa Cantiga but dive, jump, play and enjoy the nice water on a warm holiday. The kids like this but also a lot of parents feel young again if they have to make the biggest splash to proof their capabilities. Next to the normal swimming pool, we have big baby & toddler play pool of 5×7 metres. Together with available play toys it assure a lot of joy!

Of course there are enough moments to swim some lanes, read a book while floating one of your pool floats or sunbath at the comfortable wooden sunbeds next to the swimming pools. The pool area is fully surrounded for safety.

We speak the local language and show you around

The owners of Casa Cantiga, Sandra and Maurice, are dutch and living since 2006 in Portugal with their kids. With these many years of holiday rental experience, we know what has to be done to let guest enjoy their holiday. We speak the language, are familiar with the environment and support you when necessary. A pleasant and safe feeling! At the page “about us“, we like to introduce us.

Reservations at the most child friendly holiday park Portugal

Our holiday park is small which means that in the holiday periods, the accommodations are quickly reserved. Be in time because often we have to say “no”. We already like to thank you for your interest and would like to welcome you at Casa Cantiga holiday accommodations.

Experience the Silver coast

Funny, we really do not know the origin of the name Silver coast. Anyway it doesn´t matter because you will experience a beautiful hilly landscape between the Atlantic ocean and the mountains.

The holiday park, small set up and child friendly, is situated close to Alcobaça. At 5 km you find the biggest monastery  of Portugal, bars and restaurants with outdoor terraces, nice play garden and parks, various supermarkets, local shops and of course the weekly fresh market. Visit and enjoy the characteristics of the local population. Finish with an espresso and a Portuguese cake or enjoy one of the many local wines. An ice cream for the kids or a nice lunch in the shade of the many trees in this Portuguese city… City? Better to say very small village according to English standards.

The most child friendly holiday park is situated between mountains and sea. Therefore take off to discover one of the many beaches or enjoy the nature park in the small mountains.  Put your navigation system to the “shortest distance” and take your time to drive the many curvy roads, steep hills and enjoy the nature, the small towns, the vineyards, the orchards and the view. Or drive along the “strada Atlantica”, directly next to the ocean and hear the sound of the sea.

Nazaré: extreme surf hot spot and folkloric costumes

Visit Nazaré, at 15 km from the holiday resort Portugal, for the folkloric costumes of the fishermen´s ladies with their 7 skirts. You may find some of them on the side of the road. They are holding old-fashioned signs with the offer “room for rent” in their hands. It gives the impression that the Internet has not yet arrived in Nazaré. Visit the nice harbour, join to see the dolphins, rent a jet ski or take a look a the extreme sports exposition. Waves of 25 meters are surfed. Better for us to stick to the more normal activities like bodyboard, carting, etc.

One week is not enough

We hardly can stop talking about our nice environment. This is also the experience of many of our guests. The most common “complaint” is that even 2 weeks is not enough to experience all possibilities.  Experience yourselves! No stress, no obligations, just opportunities next to relaxing at the most child friendly holiday park Portugal!

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