Bed & Breakfast Portugal – self catering concept

“To B&B or not to B&B”

With the small B&B, Bed & Breakfast Portugal wordplay, we like to inform you about our self catering concept. All our  holiday accommodations have a fully equipped own kitchen.

Here you can make and serve you own meals, drinks, take a snack to the swimming pool or have an own drink at the shared terraces with new friends. And of course, the restaurants and bars in the neighbourhood are also a perfect and economical spot to visit. Or order at the various take aways!

In case of late arrivals, we offer you as service a simple meal or breakfast package. So the first evening or day can be taken care of!
Bed & Breakfast Portugal, a bit different and easy!

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Bed and Breakfast portugal Casa Cantiga holiday cottages

Do it like the Portuguese….

The Portuguese often eat their breakfast in the local “Pastelaria” or the pub. You find these places anywhere for a café, espresso, sandwich or pastry. The lunch is the main meal of the day, a warm Almoço, outside the house in one of the many restaurants. The daily menu is popular en very economical, with soup as starter, a drink and coffee often included.

Around the clock of 16.30 hours, the Portuguese have their “lanche”; Snack time! they eat a sandwich or a Bifina, bread topped with warm meat.  The diner is between 20 and 21 hours. Mostly a well filled vegetable soup and a piece of meat.

Or follow your own holiday rhythm …

Meal packages for late arrival

As service for late arrivals, we offer as service at cost price, an evening meal or a snack with some drinks and / or a breakfast package. Please order upfront at your reservation of in the days before your arrival! In this way a late arrival of your flight does not leave you with an empty stomach. Relax!

Pizza evening

After a day enjoying one of our beautiful beaches, the pizza evening is another joyful moment in the week. Every week we have a common pizza evening (in case of sufficient participants). You can decide the topping on your pizza, enjoy nice starters with sangria and salads. We serve wine from the local co-operativas. Also our gluten free guest are welcomed at these lovely evenings!

Bread and eggs

If you want to start the day early with some activities, sightseeing or dive in the swimming pool,  fresh bread is already available at Casa Cantiga holiday resort. The baker brings fresh bread at the door every morning. All holiday accommodations have plenty of privacy, so you can have breakfast  in your pyjama´s! And for the real early birds at Casa Cantiga resort, you can often find a extra fresh egg in the hen house. A nice task for the kids!

Holiday villa Casa da Joana and beach apartment SolMar have a small mini mercado around the corner. Real bakers like in the Netherlands, are not familiar in Portugal. Fresh baked bread is bought in the pastelaria´s or super markets.

Local products

Next to big super markets, Alcobaça has a lot of local and regional products. Every Monday morning and Saterday we have the fruit & vegetable markets with extra products like honey, pastry, nuts, sausages, and fresh fish. A marvellous way to meat and experience the locals.

Next to the main roads, lot of locals are selling the harvest of the day and the local Cooperativa  has a nice shop with just local products.


Every holiday house, cottage or camping pods has his own barbeque. At Casa Cantiga resort you also find a big BBQ for common usage.

Snack your fresh shellfish

The beach towns like Nazaré, Sao Martinho do Porto and Paredes da Vitoria offer the perfect afternoon. Directly from the beach you walk to one of the many terraces where they serve a large variation of  fresh shellfish.  As many different ones, we had never seen before!
Completed by a cool beer, a nice white wine, rosé or the typical vinho verde, a sparkling wine from the Norths of Portugal…Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy the lazy warm afternoons!


Some of us like to stroll through a foreign supermarket. We have plenty of them close to our holiday accommodations. We have the Portuguese ones; Continente, Pingo Doce, Ulmar and Mini Preço. But you also find the French Intermarché, the German Lidl. Choice enough.

Restaurants close to our self catering bed and breakfast

We do not have as much tourist restaurants as at the Spanish costa´s or the Algarve. Happily,  we have the real Portuguese restaurants, plenty because to go out for lunch or diner is part of the Portuguese life style. We have the more traditional kitchen, many fish restaurants but also already trendy fusion or specific hamburger restaurants. Our information folder shows all the possibilities and we gladly give you personal advise.

Take away

You do not feel like cooking yourselves and also do not have energy to go to a restaurant? We have various nice take away´s that complete our self catering bed and breakfast Portugal concept. Of course pizza but also very nice vegetarian at Meu Farnel or the typical grilled chicken piri piri at Rei dos Frangos.

Self catering Bed & Breakfast Portugal concept

As you see, our self catering B&B, Bed & Breakfast Portugal concept allows you to make your own choices and prevent unexpected costs at your bill of Casa Cantiga.  Enjoy the many possibilities outside of our holiday accommodations, enjoy your capabilities at our locations without the feeling to be sneaky!